BBVA-6 FTPYME Fondo de Titulización de Activos

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Distribution by Reference IndexesPdfXls  Hist
Distribution by Nominal Interest Rate IntervalsPdfXls  Hist
Distribution by Maturity Date IntervalsPdfXls  Hist
Distribution by Arrangement Date IntervalsPdfXls  Hist
Geographical Distribution by RegionsPdfXls  Hist
Distribution by Obligor ConcentrationPdfXls  Hist
Distribution by Economic SectorsPdfXls  Hist
Distribution by Types of SecurityPdfXls  Hist
Current Delinquency by First Overdue InstalmentPdfXls  Hist

Historical Evolution
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Prepayment Rate    
3+ months cumulative delinquency rate    
3+ months delinquency recovery rate    
3+ months delinquency rate    
Cumulative 12 months delinquency    
12 months delinquency recovery rate    
12 months delinquency rate    

Information of properties awarded and repossessed chattel

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Information of properties awarded to the FundPdf