Constitution 03.19.2007
Early Liquidation 09.17.2012
Securitised assets Residential mortgage credits (MCs)
Originator Bankinter
Bond Issue 964,000,000 EUR 03.23.2007 Moody´s S&P
Initial Latest Initial Latest
Series A1 172,700,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 0.07% Aaa Aaa AAA AAA
Series A2 566,600,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 0.15% Aaa A3(sf) AAA A+(sf)
Series A3 172,700,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 0.23% Aaa A3(sf) AAA A+(sf)
Series B 14,100,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 0.30% Aa2 A3(sf) AA A+(sf)
Series C 14,200,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 0.40% A3 A3 A- A-(sf)
Series D 9,500,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 2.50% Ba2 Ba2 BB- BB- (sf)
Series E 14,200,000 EUR 3−M Euribor + 3.90% C C CCC- D (sf)
Lead Managers Bankinter
Underwriter & Placement Agent Santander
Placement Agent Bankinter
Paying Agent Bankinter
Treasury Account BBVA (initially at Bankinter)
Amortisation Account Bankinter
Financial Structuring Bankinter
Legal Adviser Ramón & Cajal Abogados S.L.
Securitised Assets Auditor PriceWaterhouseCoopers Auditores S.L.
Fund Auditor Deloitte (ejercicios 2009 a actual)
Ernst & Young (hasta ejercicio 2008)
In accordance with CNMV Circular 4/2009, 4th November, the ordinary communications planned to make in the Offering Circular shall no longer be submitted to the CNMV. Nevertheless, shall continue to be posted, in the circulated media established in the Offering Circular, the communications for which provision is made in this way, with the set frequency for each one, and the remaining in this web site within the following items: 'Securitised Assets', 'Bond Issued' and 'Application of Available Funds / Quantitative Triggers Situation'.