FTPYME Bancaja 4 Fondo de Titulización de Activos

Class Issue Date Files
Significant eventEarly Liquidation of the Fund and Early Amort. of the Bonds 03.30.2011Pdf
Significant eventTreasury Account transferred 03.24.2011Pdf
Significant eventAgreements affected for Caja Madrid downgrade by Fitch03.11.2011Pdf
Significant eventBancaja`s actions for rating downgraded by Fitch 08.04.2010Pdf
Significant eventAgreements affected for Bancaja´s downgrade by Fitch 06.02.2010Pdf
Significant eventRatings Series revised by Fitch 06.01.2010Pdf
Significant eventProspectus content update following amendment agreements 12.29.2009Pdf
Significant eventRatings Series revised by Fitch 11.17.2009Pdf
Significant eventBond Paying Agent Position transferred 08.07.2009Pdf
Significant eventAgreements affected by Bancaja´s donwgrade by Moody´s 06.17.2009Pdf
Significant eventPaying Agent agreement 05.29.2009Pdf
Significant eventTreasury Account transferred 02.26.2009Pdf
Significant eventTreasury Account transferred 02.04.2009Pdf
Significant eventBancaja`s rating downgraded by Fitch 12.26.2008Pdf
Significant eventRatings Series revised by Fitch 12.03.2008Pdf
Significant eventRatings Bonds revised by Moody´s 12.02.2008Pdf