Europea de Titulización has been committed to the incorporation, management and legal represention of securitisation funds for over the past 30 years. With a great human team, which perfectly blends expertise, passion to perform and high technical skills, has been able to provide solutions and meet with excellence customers’ needs.

Origination & Business Development


Underlying Assets Analysis

Loans for: Home Purchase, SME & Corporate, Auto, Consumer … or any other receivables suitable to be securitised


Deal Origination

Analysis of Historical Performace, Market Situation, Data & Regulation.

Selection of Parties: Rating Agencies, Legal Counsel, Auditors.

Due diligence: Organization and Advising the Client for the Operational Review with Rating Agencies.


Deal Structuring & Legal Design

Management and Negotiation with Regulator (CNMV).

MCash Flows Modeling & Preparation of Information for Rating Agencies.

Drafting of the Legal Documentation.


Deal Incorporation

Documentation and Certificates.

Deed of Incorporation Signing.

Notes Registration in Settlement and Clearing Platform (IBERCLEAR) & Listing in AIAF.

Post-Incorporation Work.

Administration of the Fund


Monitoring & Validation

Reception, Upload to Internal Databases and Validation of the Daily Files with the Loans Instalments.

Reconciliation Loan by Loan of the Data provided by the Servicer.



Datatapes Uploading & Other Relevant Information disclosed to the Regulator.

Historical Performance of the Deal & Reports regarding the Notes issued by the Fund.

Calculation Agent: Triggers Monitoring, allocation of the Available Funds according to the Waterfall Rules.


Accounting & Taxes

Accountancy Keeping and Taxes: Withholding Tax, Corporate tax, Annual Statements.

Audit of Anual Statements.

Recovery Services & Real Estate Management


Servicios de recuperación

Management of Defaulted Assets, Analysis and Valuation of Recovery Actions to be carried out.

Monitoring and Management of the Recoveried Actions and Real Estate Properties pending to be awarded in the Foreclosure Process.


Real Estate Management

Management and Reconciliation of Properties (Foreclosure & Commercial) awarded to the Funds.

Management of properties marketed for sale, valuation updates, determination of the Price of sale.

Management of invoices, taxes, etc., derived of the properties.

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