EUROPEA DE TITULIZACIÓN, S.A., S.G.F.T. (hereinafter “EdT”) runs this website (hereinafter, “the EdT website”) to offer information about its activity and the Securitisation Funds it manages.

EdT reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information displayed on the EdT website, and may even restrict or disallow access to that information without notice.

EdT prepares the EdT website content using its own and third-party information and, therefore, despite being previously reviewed, will not give any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and currency of such information.

The information contained on the EdT website shall not be considered as and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the securities issued by the Securitisation Funds managed by EdT or the provision of any advisory service whatsoever. EdT shall not be held liable for any use made of the information displayed on the EdT website, and only users accessing or using that information will be responsible.

The copyrights in all the EdT website content belong to EdT. Users may download for reference purposes only, and shall be solely responsible for the download of, certain EdT website files, which may not be commercially used, distributed, copied, modified, publicly communicated, transferred or transformed or howsoever disclosed otherwise than where expressly authorised. Access to the EdT website shall give users no right or title whatsoever in and to the intellectual property rights of the content posted on the EdT website.

EdT shall not be liable for any loss, detriment or damage whatsoever arising from access to and use of the EdT website, including, but not limited to, damage to computer systems or due to the occurrence of computer viruses and/or attacks. EdT shall not be liable either for any damages suffered by users due to improper use of the EdT website and indeed for telecommunications failure, disruption, absence or fault. In addition, EdT shall not be liable for differences from time to time, if any, between the printed version of its documents and their electronic version posted on the EdT website.

The EdT website may contain links, hyperlinks or references to other websites, which users are provided with as alternative information sources and shall be governed by the specific terms and conditions of use established by the owners of those websites. EdT shall not therefore be held liable for the information displayed on those websites, which shall not be considered to have been recommended, endorsed or distributed by EdT. In addition, EdT shall not be liable for the inclusion of links to the EdT website on other websites, and shall not accept, recommend or acknowledge any relationship with other websites. In any event, EdT reserves the right to prohibit or disable any link to the EdT website at any time.


Company name: Europea de Titulización, S.A., Sociedad Gestora de Fondos de Titulización

Registered office:
Jorge Juan, nº 68 (2º)
28009 Madrid


Contact e-mai: info@edt-sg.com

Registration particulars: Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 5461, Folio 49, Section 8, Sheet M-89355, Entry 1

Administrative authorisation and supervisory body:

The Economy and Finance Ministry authorised it to be established as a Mortgage Securitisation Fund Management Company on December 17, 1992 and subsequently, on October 4, 1999, authorised it to re-register as a Securitisation Fund Management Company. It is entered in the special register of the National Securities Market Commission under number 2, and is subject to the supervision of the National Securities Market Commission.

VAT Registration Number: A-80514466

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